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What is Xyea?

Xyea compliance software enables organizations to manage risk and meet compliance obligations with ease.

With compliance knowledge across a range of sectors, Xyea will work in your organisation, for immediate and ongoing benefit.

Whatever business or industry you are in, with Xyea, you can easily maintain proper records to:

  • Reduce risk and costs - including insurance
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Be prepared for internal and external audits - always
  • Comply with a range of health and social care standards including HIQA, QuADS, PQASSO, JCI, CQC, RQIA, CARF and others

Xyea Modules: The building blocks for your compliance system   Specify standards against which you are audited & score your system.
Document / manage risks & link them to compliance system components. Manage the controls you have in place to minimize risk. Create & manage actions for continuous compliance improvement.
Track incidents and link them to actions   Track skills, training  and certifications.   The control panel for your Xyea implementation.
  Audit - Surveying - Self-assessment - Privacy - Security - Data Protection - Personal Data Privacy - Records Management - Data Risk Management - Health Information Protection - Risk-based controls for records management and information governance - Incident Recording Investigation and Management - Corrective Action tracking - Patient Safety Reporting and management  
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