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Our consultants have many years experience in the implementation of software and systems to help clients meet their compliance requirements. To complement the Xyea software solution, we offer a full range of consultancy services.

Business process consultancy

As organizations strive to meet increasingly onerous compliance and regulatory requirements, they often find it necessary to redesign their business processes to ensure the appropriate emphasis is placed on compliance issues.
Xyea consultants can help your organization to develop business processes that take compliance requirements into account and, at the same time, increase operational effectiveness. This typically involves:

  • Analysis of the business process to understand what is the goal of the process, who is responsible, what standards are applicable, and how success is measured.
  • Use of process mapping to generate graphical representations of business processes, showing all of the activities involved, inputs and outputs, exceptions, approvals, and sign-offs.
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  • Identification of initiatives that will generate measurable business results.
  • Proposing models, processes, standards, and technology for the organization to consider as a means of implementing enhanced business processes that meet compliance requirements and add value to the business.

Audit and compliance assessment

Compliance and risk management requirements are continually evolving in response to changing legislation, technology advances, and well-publicized incidents. Organizations that have had compliance and risk management systems in place for some time may find that their systems have not kept up with the most recent changes. An audit could find the organization to be non-compliant with standards, resulting in a loss of certification that can have serious business implications.

An audit and compliance assessment conducted by Xyea consultants can determine whether your systems and controls are in compliance with the relevant standards. The systems and controls we review will vary depending on the business you are involved in, but our approach is always, broadly speaking, the same:

  • Apply our industry experience and knowledge of best practices to thoroughly understand your organization and your business.
  • Identify business risks and compliance challenges, and assess their potential impact on your business.
  • Review existing business processes and validate compliance with applicable standards.
  • Review instances of self-reported violations and recommend process improvements.
  • Document our findings and recommendations in a detailed report.
  • Work with you to make the improvements that are required to meet your business needs.

Risk assessment

The Xyea risk assessment service helps your organization to understand the risks to which it is exposed, the threat to your business, and the steps you can take to mitigate and control those risks.  Our consultants use business impact analysis (BIA) to identify risks to your critical business processes, assesses the impact on your business if those risks materialize, and recommends the controls you can put in place to mitigate those risks.
A consultancy engagement based on our Risk Assessment service is usually structured as follows:

  • Data gathering – review of relevant documentation, meetings with key stakeholders, questionnaires, workshops.
  • Analysis – detailed analysis of the data gathered, identification and rating of risks.
  • Recommendations – tactical and strategic recommendations, as well as recommendation of controls to mitigate the identified risks.

System design and integration

We have specialist expertise in the design of complete solutions to help you meet your compliance and risk management requirements. To the greatest extent possible, we use existing software components to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to minimize development, testing, and support costs.

From an integration point of view, with our industry experience and domain knowledge, we can create new solutions by integrating your existing systems with one another. For example, with some simple customizations, the Xyea solution can accept data feeds from almost application underpinned by a structured data store such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, or XML.

Implementation and change management

The application of new systems and practices is almost always the most challenging element of any improvement initiative. Xyea has a unique track record in this area. We work through the implementation and change management issues with staff and management, using a variety of tools and carefully-honed skills gained from a variety of experiences across many organizations in the past. We are careful to highlight this necessary element of the improvement process in each project and link this to the achievement of the original business objectives.

Training and ongoing support

While we make every effort to make our Xyea solutions as easy to use as possible, the underlying complexity of the subject matter, together with the associated changes in work practices, can make it difficult for some users to become familiar with the system. We offer on-site training as part of every deployment, with follow-up floor-walking to address any problems experienced by individual users.

We also offer a full customer support service by phone and e-mail that is accessible to users on a 24x7 basis.


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