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Why do I need a Compliance solution

Any organization that exercises a duty of care over its clients must not only comply, but be able to demonstrate ongoing compliance, with an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. As a result of a number of well-publicized failures, organizations are keenly aware of the business impact and reputational damage, not to mention civil and even criminal liability, they can face if they are found to be non-compliant. This puts compliance high on the management agenda and, while it is often perceived initially to be an unnecessary burden, the business benefits of compliance soon become apparent:

  • It leads to stronger operational controls that in turn lead to more efficient organizations.
  • Increased awareness of compliance, and how to mitigate risk and prevent incidents, lowers the risk profile of the organization.
  • Ability to demonstrate compliance with relevant industry or international standards offers a competitive advantage and builds a perception of the organization as trustworthy.
  • Customer and regulatory concerns over the security of personal data can be proactively addressed.
  • The risk of adverse incidents occurring is lowered; if incidents do occur, exposure is lessened by being able to prove that a functioning compliance system is in place.
  • Improves change management by streamlining the process of creating the documentation associated with process changes, ensuring there is always an up-to-date record, and allowing changes to be implemented more quickly. 

A compliance solution based on Xyea software provides all of these benefits. In addition, with Xyea you can:

  • Identify an audit criterion, and associate controls and actions with it.
  • Identify a risk, and associate controls and actions with it.
  • Conduct and score audits against internally and externally developed standards.
  • Use the dashboard system to get an at-a-glance, real-time view of the status of your compliance processes, drilling down to advanced analytical data at the click of a mouse.
  • Build a solution incorporating standards and controls for compliance and risk management. If you are implementing compliance for the first time, you can avail of our QuickStart Templates and customize them to your own needs
  • Implement compliance in stages. You can start with one standard or audit and add more when you are ready. You can also start with one section or department of your organization and add more when you are ready.

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