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As we work with customers to understand their compliance requirements and implement solutions for them, we find that they have similar requirements to other customers in the same business area. This is to be expected, because so many aspects of compliance are driven by requirements external to the business – for example, independent regulatory authorities, legislation, national and international standards, and voluntary codes of practice.

Based on our experience and the models, examples, and best practices we have developed, we have created a set of Ready-to-Use templates that enable organizations to very quickly implement compliance systems that comply with a range of external standards. These templates provide you with a compliance system that includes audits, risk registers, controls, incident forms, and typical corrective actions.

With our Ready-to-Use Templates, you can instantly get your own customized version of the Xyea Compliance System up and running, even if you have no formal system in place already. Essentially, they are off-the-shelf compliance systems that have already demonstrated audit compliance.

The templates are fully customizable and reusable, so they are an excellent starting point for configuring the system to audit against your own standards. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for customized templates. We can generally provide a customized template for you to try online within 24 hours.

Whether you use them as provided, or customized to meet your specific needs, our Ready-to-Use templates are the quickest and easiest way for an organization to implement a closed-loop compliance system.

The following templates are available:

National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland

Defines the standards of care that should be put in place for an older person living in a residential care setting and provides a road map of continuous improvement to support the continued development of person-centred care

Publisher: Health Information and Quality Authority, Ireland
Draft National Quality Standards for Residential and Foster Care Services for Children and Young People

Proposes the standards of care that should be put in place for children and young people living in residential care and foster care settings.

Publisher: Health Information and Quality Authority, Ireland
National Quality Standards for Residential Services for People with Disabilities

Defines the standards that have been developed for the purposes of the registration and inspection of residential services for people with disabilities.

Publisher: Health Information and Quality Authority, Ireland
Code of Practice for Healthcare Records Management

This Code of Practice is a guide to the standards of practice required in the management of healthcare records, based on current legal requirements and professional best practice. It provides a framework for consistent, coherent healthcare records management, and a reference point against which continual improvement and consultation can take place.

Publisher: National Hospitals Office, Ireland
Code of Practice on the Management of Records issued under Section 46 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

This Code of Practice provides guidance to all public authorities as to the practice which it would be desirable for them to follow in connection with the discharge of their functions under the United Kingdom Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Publisher: The Lord Chancellor, United Kingdom
Case Notes from Mental Health Audits

We have completed many consultancy engagements and audits with organizations involved in the provision of mental health services. This template encapsulates our real-world experience in this area and will benefit any mental health services organization seeking to implement a closed-loop quality system.

Publisher: Xyea

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